How do you explain Cosmic Night Golf?

night golf player at tee box shot

Night Golf is a huge subject because there are so many ways to play. Just as in traditional daytime golf, night golf events can be designed in hundreds of ways. Here are a few formats we like to play along with some photos of night golf events and set ups.

  1. Straight forward 9 on 9 night golf:

    This is when you play 9 holes during the afternoon, then have dinner, followed by 9 holes of night golf. This is a lot of golf and a bit much for most people because once they sit down for dinner and have a few drinks it’s hard to get up for another 9 holes. But it’s still pretty fun. Especially if you are playing 9 holes of 2 club short course and each round is only an 1.5 hours long. There are also a bunch of different golf formats you can choose. I like the night scramble the most. It’s social and good players can help new golfers score low and have a great time.

  2. Skills and 9 holes:

    This is a great social format where players warm up and try their hands at several cosmic night golf skills in either the afternoon or early evening as they either have dinner or drinks in preparation for their round. Then they go off and play 6-9 holes of night golf, depending on the format. I like this one alot because it’s fast, focused and incorporates alot of skills.

  3. Short Course Night Golf:

    Since time and distance change at night and most folks are not ace golfers, playing a 1-3 club short course that winds around the clubhouse and utilizes shorter holes and targets in the fairway is a great ‘cocktail competition’ option. This is especially great to incorporate with some cosmic skills at different tee boxes to make the round super creative and enguaging. Short Course golf is also great for private clubs where players are used to playing the same course all the time. Why not mix it up and create a course the changes fairways, jumps trees and hits to opposite greens

  4. Cosmic Skills Competitions:

    These are get ‘close to the clubhouse’ events that challenge the hot shots, but also create a fun social ‘cocktail competition’ vibe that players can invite their friends to without a mountain of pressure. We showcase a bunch of skills, but I would suspect by next year we will have another bunch you can pick from as well.

  5. CrossGolf Competitions:

    This is a very new form of the game where golfers, disc golfers and foot golfers play together and hit to the same target. We are working on our won crossgolf target that can be used on  and off the golf course. It’s generally played with a short course golf format because you don’t want to have discs near your greens because of their size and ability to cause divot damage.


night golf event lighting in pennsylvania

nightgolf cross golf
If you want to open your event up to ‘polysportaholics’ try putting on a crossgolf event

night golf ball glowing dark

golf winner


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