Welcome to the HotWheels of golf putting

Cosmic putting is a new game we created with super cool neon putting track that snaps together to create some of the coolest putting challenges ever created. You can create putting courses during the day or at night using our mobile UV black lights. The other great thing about our cosmic putting track is that it’s great for creating office golf competitions through your clubhouse or office during bad weather, like in the winter, as well as office golf competitions and challenges that travel from indoors to outdoors.

Cosmic Bankers

Cosmic putting track is specially shaped so it has a banking on it. As a result you can create shots where the ball ricochets around corners to create cool skill shots. Then just turn the track over and place banked track ontop of itself and you get some of the craziest bankers the world has ever seen.

Here are some great night golf cosmic putting shots from 2014

night golf putting course

office golf with night golf balls that glow

night golf putting shot

glow in the dark putting

night golf putting shots made

night golf balls events

night golf in iowa

night golf banker

night golf tee box

cool golf shots

glow golf holes

putting games on a golf course

neon putting tracks

Here are some great office golf shots from 2014

night office golf

fundraisers with office golf

discount office golf game

office golf trick shots

play office golf

office golf events


office golf fundraiser

office golf games to play

cheap office golf game

office golfing games

office golf game and track

office golf during the daytime

office golfing at night

office golf hole challenge

office golf set up

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