How high…can your ball fly?!

Flop T’l You drop. Do you think you’ve got short game. Can you flop out of a british pot bunker. This is your chance.

night golf flop shot

Where to set up a Flop Shot Competition

You can set up a Flop Shot competition virtually anywhere.

Where to set up a Flop Shot Competition: THE TARGETS

This is the very coolest part of this competition. You can set a wall up virtually anywhere.

  • ON GRASS AREAS you hit to a 10×20 target area or set up a series of lines behind the wall for an extra scoring opportunity.
  • ON PRACTICE GREENS: You can set the wall up next to the green and flop to actually target holes. Then at night put lights in them and you have a true battle of short game skill

The competition:

Set the wall starting at 5ft Round #1: Players get 3-5 balls per round to hit over the wall to your target area Round #2: Raise the wall 1ft and have all your survivors 3-5 balls again Round #3: Raise the wall another foot and repeat the competition. Once you get to Finals: Once you hit 9ft high, and still have more than one player, start another round by reducing the number of balls they get to land in the target area until you get a winner. Scoring option: To add another dimension to scoring, tou can set up lines behind the flop shot so players gets any mumber of bonuses, strokes off or extra balls for getting closer to the back of the wall.

Don’t forget to tell us about your event!!!

a flop shot limbo Flop_shot_wall_ flopShot0062

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