This has to be the best Golf Skill of them all!!!

 2 night golf game

The Golf Channel made The Glass Break competition famous with glass panes shattering from the knock down shots of skilled players. We take this game to the next level by turning it on with neon and having players hit not glass, but break-a-way foam panels…so you are not cleaning up glass off your driving range.

Rules of the Game

There are many ways to play glass break. Generally each player gets 3-5 golf balls to hit the panels. If this is party of a skills competition, each hit of a panel is a stroke off their score. If you are playing this as a stand alone event, each player gets 3-5 golf balls per round and all players get 2-4 rounds to garner the lowest score.

Setting up your challenge

Like most skills games, you can design your glass break any way you would like. Generally it’s 3-4 eveningly spaced panels set 10-15ft away from the golfer. If you want to get fancy you can then set up another row 5ft behind the first and inbetween each panel so that you have double the chance of hitting. This is great for club events where there aren’t a mountain of great players. If makes it easier to score.

Here are some glass break event photos

glass break nightgolf competition nightgolf comp

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