Welcome to a very cool new game in golf.

night golf tic tac toe game

You can set up a tic tac toe board virtually anywhere.

Here are a few ideas on where to set up your board

  1. Hitting from the fringe onto a practice green
  2. Use open areas around the clubhouse so people can play and stay around the clubhouse. This means you can hit to a tee box square from near the clubhouse
  3. Set up a board on the golf course in front of a tee box. This is great game to occupy players when they are waiting on the tee box.
  4. You can use this game as a great fundraising activity at a hole during a charity golf fundraiser
  5. Tic tac toe can be played during the day or at night as part of a cosmic night golf skills competition

Night golf tic tac toe:

If you are putting on a night golf event and want to play tic tac toe, all you need are a few UV Glow Blasters to light up the track. Depending on the size of your board it only takes four blasters to light up a board.