University of Missouri Cosmic Night Golf Bash

University of Missouri Cosmic Night Golf Bash

Cosmic Night Golf at U of Missouri

Another amazing Cosmic night golf blow out at the University of Missouri golf course. We set up a 5 hole short course up the hill along with cosmic putting and a mountain of glow skills including and awesome shootout at the Glass Break competition. We used thick neon foam so everytime a player hit the panel it would explode with a collosal ‘POP’. Very cool.

We also designed what I would consider to be four of the coolest night golf putting holes. They were completely different from previous events this year. The first hole was a champagne glass tee box where you had to shoot around the bubbles aorund the green. Then we had a double banker no one was able to make.

We also unvailed our new neon corn hole stickers hot off the press. The competition went on until the last bus left for campus. We have to have more cosmic cornhole competitions in congress with night golf. They go together.

This had to best night golf event of the year with 475 players coming out to try their hand at golf. Nearly all of them had never played golf before everyone hung out way into the night.

took plaThis was amazing. Here are the first photos from our weekend at Uuniversity of Missouri

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