Night Golf is simply golf played when the sun goes down. But there is a HUGE difference in night golf events and experiences from the balls to the tee boxes to the fairways and greens. We here at Glowgear Interactive have transformed night golf into a sport that goes far beyond glow stick golf balls and brailing down the fairway hoping not to hit anything.

At Glowgear we’ve invented rechargeable lighting to brighten up the tee box and light up the greens so you can see your putts. We also offer two styles of night golf balls from the Glow V1, the undisputed #1 longest ball in night golf to the Night Eagle, the very best LED powered ball that is not only super bright, but super soft and turns on with your cell phone.

So if you are looking to put on a night golf event, check us out at and begin playing night golf with super bright tees – fairways and greens.

Night golf can be played in multiple ways, depending on what kind of event you want to produce. Here is a short list of event styles along with cosmic skills that make any event come alive.

  • Full Course night golf events
  • 1-2 Club ‘Short Course’ events
  • Cosmic Skills Competitions
  • Cosmic Putting Events
  • Indoor Office Golf Events
  • Hole in one competitions
  • Cocktail competitions
  • All kinds of fundraisers
  • The Cosmic Driving Range 
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Tic Tac Toe

Challenge any golfer with our glowing Tic Tac Toe Golf board 9ft across. Great game on greens, fairways or around the clubhouse

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Flop Shot Limbo

Create a flop shot competition with a neon wall that raises up to 9ft high. It’s the cornerstone of any cosmic skills competition

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The ultimate night golf hole in one challenge. Our gigantic 16ft high glowing X is super bright and impressive at any distance

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Cosmic Night Golf

Play full course or short course. Our glow balls, marker lights and target lights make it brighter, bolder and better than any event played

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office golf

Cosmic Putting

Create ultra-creative putting events using our neon “hotwheels” of putting track. They are also banked to create all kinds of insane challenges

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night golf chipping

3 Chip Skills

Create a chipping skills competition on your practice green or open space from any distance and for any skill levels

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2 night golf game

The Glass Break

The competition made famous by the Golf Channels hit TV show, The Big Break. The only difference is that our glass panels are made of a super cool neon foam and they glow in the dark.

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office golf kit packages

Cosmic Office Golf

If you have an office, basement or an other inside area and you want to put on the coolest, most cosmic putting fundraiser or knock around putting competition, we have the putting track to make it happen.

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night golf lighting equipment

Night Golf Gear

Looking for the best night golf course lighting, target lights, glow golf balls and body glow?  Look no further. We have everything you need to produce a top level event from gear to consulting

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